I have had the opportunity to work with many excellent collaborators.  This list is only partial.

Postgraduate Work:

  • Jack Williams – My postdoctoral supervisor.  The Williams lab focuses on vegetation change, largely in the late-Quaternary, using a number of techniques including primary data collection and model driven synthesis work, examining the way vegetation and climate interact and the role of other drivers for continental to local vegetation change at long time scales.
  • Jason McLachlan – The lead PI for PalEON.  Jason is a great guy to work with, having come out of Jim Clark’s lab at Duke University he’s got some great ideas.  He’s interested in how plants deal with major environmental change and was a co-author on the STEPPS paper (with Chris Paciorek, who is also great) which is a central component of the PalEON project.
  • Jessica Blois – A lab mate at UWisc, Jessica worked with me on our submitted paper about sedimentation rates in the northeastern US.  Jessica has been heavily involved in a number of projects including Neotoma and is now at UC-Merced.
  • Jenn Marlon – An Associate Research Scientist at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences.  We’ve been working on a great fire project together.  Jenn is also currently a co-PI on the PalEON project.
  • Jacquelyn Gill – Jacquelyn is a great collaborator, currently a Voss postdoc at Brown, but moving to a new position at the University of Maine.  You can catch up with her at the Contemplative Mammoth.

Graduate Work

  • Rolf Mathewes – My Ph.D supervisor, research focused largely on Holocene vegetation change in the Pacific Northwest, but with lots of other interests!
  • Marlow Pellatt – Coastal Ecologist for Parks Canada.  A great collaborator and all around good guy!
  • Terri Lacourse – Working at the University of Victoria, Terri is a great collaborator and awesome in the field.  She has made my papers immeasurably better by her attention to detail and knowledge of palynology.

Other Collaborators

  • Odile Peyron – Much of my work on the Mediterranean has been part of projects spearheaded by Odile.  I can’t find a webpage for her though!
  • Macrosystems Collaborators – I’ve been working with Walter Dodds, Pat Sorranno and Kathie Weathers along with other collaborators as part of a set of papers for a special issue of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment relating to the NSF’s Macrosystems Biology  program.  It has been a great learning experience and I hope that it will contribute to the development of the discipline of multi-scale collaboration in ecology!

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