I am an Assistant Scientist in the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying the interaction between climate and vegetation at millenial time-scales. My current work is a part of the PalEON Project, a multi-disciplinary team of researchers at a number of institutions across the United States and abroad. We are interested in establishing reliable estimates of vegetation, fire and climate for the northeastern United States (with robust estimates of uncertainty) during the last two thousand years. These estimates will be developed within a spatio-temporal framework that is well suited for bench-marking dynamic vegetation models.

My research (CV, and now on GitHub) tackles macro-scale ecological and biogeographical questions that link terrestrial plant communities, human land use, climate variability and change, and the role of protected area networks in mitigating the impacts of fragmented landscapes on biodiversity and ecosystem function.

I use robust quantitative methods to test hypotheses that have direct relevance to modern and paleo-ecological questions and policy decisions. I have already established a strong record of paleoecological (Goring et al., 2012, 2010, 2009; Dormoy et al., 2009; Peyron et al. 2011, Mooers et al., 2009) and neoecological (Goring et al., 2013; Gill et al., 2013; Pellatt et al., 2012; Vamosi et al., 2007) publications. I have also applied my research to policy issues at the interface with ecology (Goring et al., 2014; Heffernan et al., 2014; Cheruvelil et al., 2014) and government action (Nantel et al., 2014).

Simon Goring

Assistant Scientist
Department of Geography
University of Wisconsin-Madison
550 N Park St
Madison, WI 53706

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