Criticism when warranted, praise when deserved.

Storm clouds developing over a small pond in the Chilcotin
Figure 1. Ecological systems depend on objects that manifest across multiple scales. Macrosystems Ecology seeks to understand ecology at regional to continental scales, which means understanding process at each of these scales.

A quick post today to keep the posting flowing.  I’m currently working on a number of papers that are really interesting and <sarcasm>sure to be the most highly cited papers ever in the history of science</sarcasm>.  In particular the group of authors who met at the NSF Macrosystems meeting in Boulder in March (Dave Schimel has some great thoughts here on the NEON website) have been working on a set of papers discussing what exactly ‘Macrosystems Ecology’ is, how it is undertaken and what it might tell us.  The collaborators include some great researchers at all stages of their careers including Pat Soranno, Andrew Finley, Jim Heffernan and others. Continue reading Criticism when warranted, praise when deserved.