Rejection stinks.

I’ve posted about rejection before here, and I’m pretty sure everyone on the job market knows what it’s like, but after my two posts about the CNRS search I just thought I’d follow up to say that I didn’t get the position.

Ultimately I went in knowing that success was a long shot, but, when you’re sitting in the Jardin Botanique, eating crudité and remembering the Sainte-Maure de Touraine you had a few days ago, it’s hard not to believe that you’ve got a good shot.

Anyway, rejection sucks. Music rules, but even great music represents a lot of hard work, chances taken and a lot of rejection.  I met Zach Rogue once after a show in Vancouver and he seems like a super guy who worked hard to make some great music.

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Assistant scientist in the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Studying paleoecology and the challenges of large data synthesis.

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