Research on the Younger Dryas vs. Research in the Younger Dryas.

With thanks to Steve Forden for bringing this up in a twitter discussion the other day.

The difference between doing research in the Younger Dryas and research on the Younger Dryas (a bit biased toward the modern):

1.  Much lower citation rates in the Younger Dryas

2.  Open access in the Younger Dryas refers to the state of your clothing.

3.  Less opportunities for career advancement in the Younger Dryas.

4.  While may be less concern about disentagling anthropogenic effects on ecosystems in the Younger Dryas, the absence of any statistical software ensures that this remains a challenging task.

5.  Peer review is limited due to a literacy rate of 1 (you).

6.  Citation lag following publication is likely to be ~12000 years.

7.  In the Younger Dryas, using twitter to publicize research involves tying carved rocks to a bird and hoping someone finds it squawking on the ground after you’ve left.

8.  It is much harder to check Wikipedia in the Younger Dryas

9.  Contemplative mammoths that might be around are a lot more boring than the Contemplative Mammoth.

10.  They didn’t get Christmas holidays off, so everyone was pretty much a postdoc.


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Assistant scientist in the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Studying paleoecology and the challenges of large data synthesis.

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