Upcoming and Recent Talks or Workshops

December 9, 2013:Goring et al Effects of Euro-American settlement and historic climate variability on species-climate relationships and the co-occurrence of dominant tree species. AGU 2013. (Poster, B11G-0438 – Monday morning, Hall A-C ) [Link]

JH Matthes et al.  Representations of historic vegetation dynamics in CMIP5 and MsTMIP models (Poster B11E-0401 – Monday morning)

A Dawson et al.  Spatio-temporal changes in forest composition inferred from fossil pollen records in the Upper Midwestern USA (Poster, B11G-0446 – Monday morning)

October 19 – 20, 2013: Palynological Databases Workshop (with Eric Grimm & Simon Brewer) at the AASP/CAP/Dino10/SEPM/CIMP Joint Meeting, San Francisco, CA [link].


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Assistant scientist in the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Studying paleoecology and the challenges of large data synthesis.

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